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We are excited to announce we are now selling canvas tote bags at the bakery for $6/each. Check them out when you come pick-up your order!

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Price per cupcake is $3.25 for regular cupcakes and $4.75 for jumbo cupcakes.

Cupcakes freeze well and can be served after thawing at room temperature for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

To Order: Pick a base cupcake flavor, add a filling (if desired). Choose an icing flavor. Opt for sprinkles or other candy toppings if desired. Some icings and toppings may have an increased cost per cupcake.

We do not offer writing or designs.
We ask for a week’s notice for pick-ups. Please call if you'd like to inquire about a quicker turnaround time. Please note our hours and days of operation when selecting a pick-up date.
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All flavors (except regular vegan vanilla) have egg. All contain COCONUT MILK. Other allergens are listed separately.
Up charge of $0.25 per regular cupcake and $0.75 per jumbo cupcake.

Artificial color, flavor, and high fructose syrup contained in fruit fillings. Fillings may contain other allergens. Always ask about possible allergens when ordering. Deby's is Gluten and Peanut Free ONLY. All other allergens may be used at any time. Cross contact is possible.
All sprinkles contain corn syrup and artificial colors. Ask about other allergens.
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Deby’s ships, even out of state! We generally ship on Tuesdays. Please call the bakery for information on what can and cannot be shipped.

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